Sunday, December 11, 2011

OCC Lip Tar Swatches

Camera Ready Cosmetics recently had a sale on OCC Lip Tars where they were priced for $7.79 each as opposed to their normal price of about $13 (or $10.40 at the OCC main website if you have their pro discount).

I've been wanting to pick some up for a while....and of course I couldn't make excuses any longer at that price. My only regret was that I wasn't fast enough to get Tarred, Traffic, and the much talked about Grandma. You see, my original plan was to make sure I secured all the primary colors so my inner child could mix and match as much as she wanted. However, that plan failed fairly quickly since the CRC website wasn't exactly working well with my phone (checkout was a little difficult for me as I normally use firefox but had to switch to the regular internet....which likes to try to redirect me back to firefox >_>....-1 point for Android and competitive shopping).

I did manage to snag 8 pretty cool colors though! So I can't really be mad at that, I'll just pick up those three some other time.

Anyhow. The colors I bought were (in the order shown in the below picture): Katricia, Femme, Plum, RX, NSFW, Anlog, Anime, and Interlace.

I did quick lip swatches as well.

The rumors are true. They are pigmented and it only takes a little to get full coverage. They also stain (some of them quite quickly) which meant I had to move quickly since I wasn't looking for a weird multi-colored stain.

Oh. And they smell like peppermint.



 Plum was one that looked gorgeous on straight out the tube. No work extra work needed.

 Don't be fooled by the below. She looks more like the above picture in color. My lighting is off.


 Analog looks more brown on to me than it shows in pictures. I LOVE this color though...would probably be an effortless nude on someone with a darker complexion than mine..I'll make it work though.

NSFW & RX (true primary colors..Rejoice inner painter!)


(this one stains quickly so I wanted it off quickly...i apologize for being sloppy)


Anime doesn't look like much in the pictures....but it sure is neon. I kind of looked at it and said "oh" because the description was spot on.

As of right now, I am satisfied and looking forward to playing with the colors I have to come up with something fun. I definitely like the idea of being able to mix and the fact that you really don't need a lot for coverage. The drops I have in the pictures sometimes ended up being way more than I needed for my lips.

That's all from me today!

Disclaimer: Items mentioned were purchased with my own money in a moment of weakness at the sight of a sale.


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