Sunday, November 16, 2014


After trying unsuccessfully to forward this URL to my new location, I've decided to just leave a link here until I am able to figure it out.

From now on, I am located here. (www,

See you around :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fu Re Te Fu Re Ru -TK from Ling Tosite Sigure

Sotto boku ni shimatta  seimei  kanashiku sakende
Are you ready? nante sa kokoro no okusoku de
Where am I am here furete furete kuruu

Ibitsu na himitsu wo matotta  jibun wo korosezu
Jiyuu na kieteshimatta  mirai ga sakenda

Furete kurureru mae ni kimi ga hoshikunatte furete kurueru mai ni

Boku wo tsutaenakucha  kimi no subete wo kowashiteshimai sou de ugokezu
Boku wo mitsumenaide  higeku no FIRUMU ni hikari ga sashite shimau
Sekai ga hajiketara  boku wa boku ni natte
Kurayami no chiribamerareta  kimi wo mitsukeru yo

Ato dore kurai iki wo tomereba HI-RO
Sono saki ni nani ga aru no?
Kidzudarake no mirai ga sakenda

Furete kurureru mae ni  ZERO ga hoshikunatte  furete kurureru mae ni

Umare kawarre  boku no subete ga makimodosareru nara
Kimi ga atte  hajimete fureru you na
Mioboe no aru you na  sonna keshiki wo yume miru
Sekai ga hajiketara boku wa boku ni natte
Kurayami ni chiribamerareta  kimi wo mitsukeru yo

Sekai ni SAYONARA wo tsugete tobiorite
Kurayami ni chiribamerareta  kimi wo mitsukeru yo

*Thanks TK from Ling Tosite Sigure for the lyrics which I've provided romaji for as it helps me to learn new kanji

Friday, August 8, 2014

Japanese Lessons at the Japan Society

So, as my Japanese language classes come to a close at the Japan Society (333 E 47th St, New York, NY 10017), I wanted to take a moment to share why I decided to take classes and review my experience.

Even though I studied Japanese in college, after I left I didn't have the confidence to go into a field that would require me to predominately use Japanese.  As a result, I reached a point where I was no longer using Japanese and started to pretty much forget what I had learned. This year, I decided to take it up again for the following reasons:

  • Be in a structured learning environment with a set schedule
  • Gives me something constructive to do that uses my brain at least twice a week
  • Be able to socialize with people that have similar interests
  • Make sure my couch knows that it's not my only relationship in life
I studied Kanji II, which is a course that builds off the 300 kanji taught in Kanji I. I also took the Japanese Level 9 class as well, which was kind of like a review of all the previous Japanese Levels as it went over most of the grammar previously taught. This level ended up being a great refresher course for me.

All in all, I really enjoyed my classes at the Japan Society. Both of my teachers were really nice an knowledgable. The classes were well structured and I found the Kanji II particularly challenging because not only did we have to be able to recognize the kanji, but being able to recall it from memory to write it in sentences was a big part of this class as well. 

I think this was something I definitely needed to help get me started again and I'm really glad I made the jump to do it.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Unravel - TK from Ling Tosite Sigure

Welp, dumping translations here until I get better. Any comments/corrections/advice is always welcome. 

I can't wait for him to release his album later this month. Think I will work on that as well.


Oshiete yo oshiete yo sono shikumi wo boku no naka ni dare ga iru no?
Kowareta kowareta yo sono sekai de kimi ga warau nani mo miezu ni
Tell me, tell me how does this work,
Who is this person inside of me?
In this broken, broken world you're laughing, unable to see a thing

Kowareta boku nante sa iki wo tomete
Hodokenai mou hodokenai yo shinjitsu sae freeze
Kowaseru kowasenai kurueru kuruenai
Anata wo mitsukete yureta
I'm already broken so I stop my breath
The truth is the only thing that doesn't fall apart (freeze)
I'm breakable, I'm unbreakable
I'm losing it, I can't lose it
I found you, I'm shaken

Iganda sekai ni dandan boku wa sukitotte mienakunatte
Mitsukenaide boku no koto wo mitsukenaide 
Dareka ga egaita sekai no naka de anata wo kidzuketaku wa nai yo
Oboeteite boku no koto wo? Azayaka no mama

In this warped world, I’m steadily becoming transparent and invisible
Don’t look for me, don’t look for me
I don’t want you to get hurt in a world that somebody else painted
Will you remember me? Vivid as always

Mugen ni hirogaru   kodoku ga karamaru
Mujaki ni waratta   kioku ga sasatte
Ugokenai ugokenai ugokenai ugokenai ugokenai ugokenai
Unravelling the world

Spread into infinity, entertained with solitude
Innocently laughing, this memory sticks
I can’t move, I can’t move, I can’t move, I can’t move, I can’t move, I can’t move
Unravelling the world

Kawatteshimatta  kaerarenakatta
Futatsu ga karamaru  futari ga horobiru
Kowaseru kowasenai  kurueru kuruenai
Anata wo kegasenai yo  yureta

Everything changed, I couldn’t change
The two become entwined and we’re destroyed
I'm breakable, I'm unbreakable
I'm losing it, I can't lose it
I can't disgrace you, I'm shaken

Iganda sekai ni dandan boku wa sukitotte mienakunatte
Mitsukenaide boku no koto wo mitsukenaide
Dareka ga shikunda kodoku na wana ni  Mirai ga hodokete shimau mai ni
Omoidashite boku no koto wo azayaka na mama
In this warped world, I’m steadily becoming transparent and invisible
Don’t look for me, don’t look for me
Before the future unravels in a planned, solitary trap
remember me as vividly as I am

Wasurenaide wasurenaide wasurenaide wasurenaide
Don’t forget, don’t forget, don’t forget, don’t forget

Kawatteshimatta koto ni paralyze
Kaerarenai koto darake no paradise
Oboeteite boku no koto wo

Paralyzed in things that have changed
A paradise full of things that can’t change
Remember me

oshiete oshiete boku no naka ni dare ga iru no?
Tell me, tell me who is this person inside of me?

Translation is my work, but you can thank TK from Ling Tosite Sigure for writing the lyrics :)

Friday, August 1, 2014

Sounding Like an Intelligent Adult...In Japanese

I'm hoping that it's no secret that I'm in involved in a lifelong love/hate relationship with Japanese. To refresh, I loved Japanese so I studied really hard to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N2 in 2010. I took it, but I didn't pass. So for some odd reason, my brain said "give up.....but not too much".

Since then, it's been this mildly frustrating puzzle that I just can't put down but feel great when I finally piece something together. In an attempt to make Japanese an even larger part of my life again, this summer I registered for Japanese classes at the Japan Society. Unfortunately, classes do end the week of August 4th for me and as much as I hate having to go to class, I will miss the structure that it provided me as I got started again.

One of the things that I realized I needed to work on this year is the forming of more complex thoughts and sentences in Japanese in real time. I've always been a strong reader and writer since it gives me more time to sort though my thoughts, however once it comes to having to verbally express myself, I feel as though my sentences get shorter and more general than I intend them to be. I don't have issues understanding Japanese, but I just wish it were easier for me to think quickly in it!

I'm thinking that this year I will try and take the the JLPT N3. I'm slightly bummed that I will be taking a level lower than what I originally took before, however that is my fault for not continuing to study after my first set back.

I'm also going to be working on getting back into translating for fun as a way of helping me get back to where I was.

I'm always open to fun language learning ideas if anyone has them!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Some time at the end of May I decided I wanted to move to, however, as you can clearly see, that has not happened yet.

It is still on my list of things to do, however I came to the realization that there is no reason why I shouldn't continue to use this space right up until that time instead of hoarding my posts. I can always create ideas later for my new space.

In the meantime, I will be doing scheduled posting, because remembering to post is not my friend. So, do it in advance and just let blogger take care of the rest!

Let's see how this works out.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Signed Up: 1st Spartan Race!

2014 is definitely off to a fast start. I feel like this year is flying by already. Somehow I've managed to turn 25 and have been slowly getting my life back in proper order.
To help push me along, I decided to sign up for a Super Spartan obstacle race. I'm definitely not Spartan tough right now, but I wholeheartedly intend to be by the time race day comes around in September. I've been in the gym since I signed up trying to make every day until then count. I might not be the most fit...but deep down I do have a small competitive streak.
At least it will force me to work towards my overall fitness goal... :)


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