Sunday, June 23, 2013

My First Pictorial!

This is my first time doing a pictorial. It's pretty hard for me, because I'm the type to really just make things up on the fly. Whenever I do my eye makeup, if it's not just winged liner, I'm just going along and seeing what happens. This look isn't hard to do at all. So I'll walk you through the pictures and what I used.

First, I primed my eye. For this I used NYX Milk Jumbo Pencil. Next, I mixed some Sugarpill Bulletproof and Poison Plum right above my crease. The I drew a line of Bulletproof and started blending that with Velocity. By the time I added Mochi on my lid and Buttercupcake on the inner corner of my eye, I blended more Bulletproof in my outer V with more Velocity.
 Once everything is more or less placed how you want it, it's really just blending and tweaking until it looks how you want. My highlight is Urban Decay ABC Gum. Then I used MAC Blacktrack to line, along with Makeup Forever Kohl in my waterline. I didn't really glue the lashes on..I was only playing around.
That's more or less what goes on in a colorful look for me these days. I look back to when I first started, and I have greatly improved...even though I'm still not anywhere near where I would like to be when it comes to color. But it's always fun to play!

Until Next Time....

Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Progression of Natural Makeup

Ok. So this is how my makeup/hair progression goes on a pretty light day from start (bonnet included) to finish. Let's Begin!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


How excited am I???

My title "yatta" means "I did it!"

Just what?

Well, not long after my last post (a few days really), I felt like things around me all started crashing down at once. So not to be outdone by life, I contributed by boldly quitting my job without a backup in mind/set up. No means to pay my bills or rent...nada. And you know what? I think that was the happiest two weeks of my life. You see, i was pretty much stuck in a job I had no desire to move up fact I've turned down higher positions twice without any regret. In my heart it wasn't where I wanted to be and staying continuously made me feel like I was in a rut. day I quit.

So of course I searched and searched for a new job...after one week of being home I decided that I needed to be a productive member of society. Besides, I'm so childish sometimes. I don't like when everyone is busy but I'm not.

Luckily for me, not even 2 weeks into my unemployment, I stumbled across another job! A better that not only offers me more but the kind of place I think I'll be happy to grow at. I'm so very excited.

What's meant to be, will be.

I took a leap of faith and it worked out!

I guess when it's time for a change and you feel that way, you should really just go for it! Though it doesn't hurt to have a plan before you do it lol. But I certainly feel like if I had to take the risk again, I would!


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