Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Progression of Natural Makeup

Ok. So this is how my makeup/hair progression goes on a pretty light day from start (bonnet included) to finish. Let's Begin!!

First things first. Let's bare face it
 Okay. Next part foundation and eyebrows. I used spiked/stud to fill in my eyebrows. MUFE HD Foundation in 173 and 153 for my base and highlight, and also MAC Blunt for some added contour. I also blot the color of my lips with foundation.
Looks like I have a little glow right?
Okay. Add blush, liner, and lip gloss...oh and lashes. And drop that darn bonnet. Yeah. I'm starting to look human~
And then end with hair and attitude. Something easy and light for a BBQ.  

This wasn't really a tutorial tutorial but you can see how I go from "blarrrrrrg" to "hmm". Maybe next time I'll go a real one. Working my way up there!

Until Next Time~!


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