Sunday, August 17, 2014

Geolica HoliCat Barbie Cat Lens

Lens Village was having a sale for 4th of July so I decided to go ahead and buy some new circle lens since I do enjoy them from time to time.  I'm not sure how long shipping took, maybe like 2 weeks, but I wasn't in a rush to get them so that was fine.

This wasn't my first time ordering from them, however this time I did order the Holicat Cutie Cat circle lens and received the Barbie Cat ones instead. I decided it wasn't a big deal and went ahead and tried them out anyway cause you never know, it could be a blessing in disguise.

Started out okay....
But...unfortunately I didn't like the color of these. They're hazel colored lens and to me, hazel doesn't look great on everyone. Sometimes it gives a weird buggy effect in my opinion. I literally put one in and was like "absolutely not!". Unfortunately, I wont be wearing these, so I can't review them either. I was definitely looking for more of an every day brown lens to add a little something, but not too much when I picked my brown lens and these weren't it. I guess you win some and you lose some.


Just not enough "warmth" for me in the color :(
Maybe I'll do a look just for humor's sake with them in though. =/

But luckily I have 2 other pairs to try so next up: Dueba Diamon Green


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