Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm Still Alive!!.....Physically Anyway.

I admit that after the New Year I took a customary few days to not do anything with my life. However, since late Tuesday/ early Wednesday I had been diligently working on a surprise translation. 7 whole pages of Japanese to English goodness that had to be finished my today. Did I mention that I'm bad at science? Because this was FILLED with chemistry and uh....chemistry in English was weird (had a 90 in the class in high school but a 65 on the regents...I know I can barely keep track of all my fingers sometimes but I KNOW that doesn't make sense..Let's not even THINK about college math/science smh) but take my word for it.....Chemistry in Japanese is just scary!

Science is not my area of expertise so it was a very slow moving process. But its done! And my head is toast.

Can I feed you a swatch until I get myself together?

 Meet MAC's Honeyflower lipstick.


By the window...

It's a weird color fresh out the tube. The actual lipstick is shimmery and when I look at my lips, to me it has a little bit of a frost. Not that I care...You can jazz up/fix almost any color. It doesn't really show in all lighting on me....but that's okay. I respect it's desire to make me think more.


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