Saturday, June 25, 2011


Lately, the only things I've been buying have been books, since I wasn't able to sign up for a class or two this summer but still want to learn, and things for my apartment. So to have bought something makeup related that doesn't have pages is a pretty rare treat these days lol.

With that being said, these are the two items I received in the mail yesterday.

MAC Caqui and All of My Purple Life Lipglasses

Caqui and All of My Purple Life


All of My Purple Life
 I had a mirror when I did Caqui, but not All of My Purple Life which would have been helpful.

I love both colors for different reasons. They're both pigmented and bold in their own right in terms of color (I still to pinks/my lips but better colors mostly). I like Caqui because I've been wanting to try some kind of orange, but figured a lipstick would be too much for this is a nice medium. Baby steps. Besides, I think it has excellent summer potential. I like All of My Purple Life because never in my dreams would I pick up such a purple color for my lips, regardless of the fact that it's my favorite color...unless it was on a whim. Surprisingly, AOMPL makes me want to experiment....I actually have a few ideas in my head. The funny things colors can do when they're in unexpected forms.

I maybe had two other colors I was looking at, but I'm unsure if I'll go back and get them =[. At the very least, I am please with what I have though! As a whole, this collection had me more interested in MAC because I think the blogger's who participated made some colors that weren't like a rehash of things that has already been put out by them before.

I'm off now~ I'll be back sooner than the gap between this post and last.


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