Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Moshi Moshi.

Back to no internet! But you know what, it really isn't that bad once you get used to it. It is annoying to have to go elsewhere when you need it though.

Since moving in, a lot more has been going on than I originally expected would be.So here is a short story of my life in pictures with some commentary.

First up, I've been in the city almost every day this week, which is up from about one day or so a week previously. Sad thing is, I never have an objective so I just wander around. The good part is that all that wandering is good exercise. I bet my poor car misses me.

I've snapped pictures of myself on the ferry:
 I've enjoyed sushi numerous times. When the mood strikes, go for it! I've also mad note of some places I would like to try over the next few weeks in the city. New Ramen spot included.. (I swear I'm not cheating on you Ippudo!)
 I've finally gotten the chance to wear my Bambi Apple Green lens. This picture makes me look like I'm on my creeper status and I love that. I am a closet creeper.
 Drinks with friends in the city. Apparently I'm thought of as too serious and not the type of person you can just have fun with, but I'm glad that perception has changed, which means I get more invites to do things now. I'm always happy! If you want me to look the part though you have to catch me at the right time lol
 And finally a neighbor threatened to tow my car for parking in front of his house. I nicely let him know via picture of the parking sign that I can in fact park there and if he doesn't want anyone parking there then put his car there instead. He likes to park in the guest spots instead of his private, five star parking spot >_>. Well..he got the message and I still get a chuckle from the letter =]

Other than that...I've been busy trying to find a second job. Trying to upgrade my Freelance status at MAC to something permanent...Not really working though. Been exploring other avenues too though. 

I'll probably be absent for a little bit again. Sometimes my phone doesn't let me leave comments, but I have been reading everyone's blogs. I apologize that I can't add in for conversation.

Hope everyone is doing well and I appreciate the new followers I've gotten and the ones who continue to come!



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