Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Little Hurricane Sandy Talk...


Well, as everyone may know....Hurricane Sandy has hit some areas pretty hard. I live on Staten Island where a lot of people had to evacuate (though luckily I didn't) and there has been a lot of damage. I was lucky enough to get my power back yesterday night after not having any since Monday, but there are still many others without power and homes and are way worse off because of this storm.

Not just on staten island, but many places were hit badly and if is nothing you can do to help, at the very least...keep those affected in your thoughts.

Even where I'm at it seems so surreal....I feel like I was living in a bubble since I had no contact to the outside world from in my apartment and my area is pretty normal..

But now that I've returned to work, I hear stories about missing people, houses completely destroyed by places that's not more than 2 miles from where I live and used to normally frequent...Some streets are normal while if i drive down others there are trees or posts down and blocking the road....

It definitely puts a lot of things into perspective.

Signing off now!



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