Sunday, February 27, 2011

An Award You Say?

Ms Donna Shae at Lovin' All Things Fab gave me an award earlier in the week and I'm excited about that! I appreciate it and actually, I appreciate everyone that stops by my blog and leaves comments or are just passing through.

The are rules...So I have to:

1.) Thank the person giving you the award.
2.) Tell 7 things about yourself.
3.) Award seven recently discovered new bloggers.
4.) Contact the bloggers and let them know they have received an award.

Seven things about me? Prepare for a snooze-fest
  1. Um...Sometimes I really don't understand what goes on in my head. For example, last year I picked out paint for my room that can only be described as hot coral and now I'm a little scared to actually paint...but I'm sure I picked it for a reason so I shall do it anyway.
  2. I REALLY want to try fried pickles.
  3. I have a habit of starting things and not finishing most days
  4. I'm 100% against homework and projects. REVOLT!
  5. I want to be a translator...maybe not full time, but it is something I really enjoy doing. Its just tough to break into.
  6. I'm trying to start a garden in the backyard. I'm thinking beets, grapes, strawberries, cucumber, tomatoes, peppers...Last year I grew three tomatoes pretty good considering I kill everything =/
  7. I'm a blog creeper. I'm the person who is most likely to read and not comment (even if i possibly have something to say!) but I'm like that in person...unless we're extra close, I'm most likely to watch everyone and creep in the corner. I do talk....but I have so much fun watching people interact that I tend to just sit back. Weird~
Okay! So now I have to pass this off to some cool bloggers. So, I'm giving it to:
Princess Feef
Adventures in Makeup
Makeup By Imani
Makeup is My Medicine
A Sick Obsession

Yay! And thanks again (^_^)


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