Tuesday, March 1, 2011

First Casual Meeting With Pro Longwear

I recently decided to buy the MAC Pro Longwear Foundation. I normally steer clear of MAC foundations for two reasons. One, they seem to enjoy oxidizing on me but after reading around, the general consensus seems to be that oxidation isn't much of an issue with this one. Two, I also had an issue with minor breakouts from wearing both powder and liquid foundations from them. However, to be fair, around that time my skin care was also less than stellar so that didn't have too much weight on my decision.

Last time I was matched to a liquid foundation in MAC it was the Select SPF15 foundation and NC44 was the absolute perfect color (pre-oxidation =/). The color choice in the Pro Longwear line seems to be lacking, but it was suggested that I try NC42 and it seems to be a pretty good match looking at the swatch on my face.
I enjoy pumps.

As for a picture with it completely on and such...I can't provide that yet. Currently, I just did a swatch on my jawline because I'm having my senior portraits taken Thursday and didn't want to chance it. Color is good...no color change or anything over there and it's been on for a few hours with no kinds of bumps or anything popping up so I'm going to assume it'll be safe.

So after picture day I'll come back with a FOTD with it.

In other news though:
Finished painting my room! Just need to do some touch ups and then try to find a new desk and bookcase. The color makes me smile so much especially when the sun hits it. Perfect way to start off March!


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