Saturday, March 5, 2011

NOTW: Essie Sugar Daddy

This picture is with flash, but in natural light/house lights the color is very close to a natural nail color. This color would actually be great for a french manicure.

I spend a lot of time with wet hands, so most nail polishes without a top coat will chip on me the moment I wash my hair (pretty much after one day). My last Essie polish in Nice is Nice (which was also my first) lasted about a week without a top coat and without chipping. I was so pleased!

I like color but because I often chip, I tend to lean more towards neutrals now so Sugar Daddy is perfect for me. It's also harder for me to get bored because I won't sit and look at my nails as much as I would with a bright color.

As a casual nail painter, I'm very happy =]


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