Saturday, August 4, 2012

Is There Anyone Out There....

There used to be...and I'm sure there still are a few here and there.

First off...I'm sorry.

I started this blog with the intent of posting looks, which was originally exciting because I could see when I was improving and things I needed to work on to get better...But since I no longer work at a makeup counter or a place where I can wear what I want on a daily basis, I now wear the same clean looks. Nothing worth posting in my opinion as it really doesn't change much (besides my lip color).

As a result....I've been fading in and out randomly...and I probably won't stop yet.

As much as I neglect it, I love my blog....So recently I've been really trying to find the direction I would like to take it in and find my voice..For some, that's easy...For me, it's been a little more difficult mainly because I've been distracted with other things...

But, I'm trying.

And I'm going to start by trying to take advantage of being able to schedule posts so that maybe when I do fade, it doesn't seem like I've disappeared (the art of a good pump fake).

So, I'll be back. Thanks for being patient and sticking around..

On the flip side..I'm on Instagram (name: Onjel), twitter (@jelz127), and least frequently tumblr ( if you're ever curious about what I do in day to day life (mostly eat and kickbox <--trying to get that work out on) so I'm never toooo far.

Once again, I'll see you guys in a few <3 br="br">


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