Wednesday, September 15, 2010

About Me~

I noticed that when I post, I don't really say anything of interest or too much about myself besides "Going to work now! Later~" So since I don't plan on putting on noteworthy makeup until Thursday night or Friday, I thought I'd make a random about me post! Prepare to be bored lol.

Well I'm 21, I just recently changed my major from Japanese Studies to East Asian Studies so I can graduate earlier, blah blah. I'm banging my head against walls because even though I made the change, I still decided to take ridiculously hard classes like Classical Chinese and a 400lvl Japanese class. Bad idea. But builds character....I think.

Most days I look like this:

Something Like this when my hair needs a trim:
Or like this depending on whether you catch me off guard at a good time or bad time:
For hobbies...I like to vegetate when I'm not in class or work. I like makeup (duh), but I also like to take pictures of things.
Really mostly food though....but all of those pictures are on my phone. I pretty much text my contact list pictures every time I eat lol. Its my way of sharing.
I think I bored myself because I don't want to do this anymore. But the most important thing to know about me...I guess would be that I absolutely love anything grapefruit. Or maybe that shouldn't be the most important...but its so true!

Okay..I'm done now.


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