Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Little Color...

I normally wear liner and mascara on the everyday basis but for some reason I felt like today I wanted a little bit of color on my eyes. Sooo

MAC Going Bananas and Stars Makeup Haven Charisma right on my lower lashline.
Also have Buxom Lip Balm in Waikiki topped with NYX Crystal Soda on my lips and NYX Rose Petal cream blush on my cheeks. Eyebrows filled in with Urban Decay Brow box in Brown Sugar again. Nothing else on my face as usual.

I'm pretty simple when it comes to everyday events like going to school. I get sleepy in class and risk rubbing my eyes a lot so I at least wear mascara to try and prevent me from doing that. I wish I had a trick to make me pay more attention though lol


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