Monday, September 20, 2010

Today Was Just One of Those Days...

Where it should've been a crappy day, but turns out not to be.

I went down to city hall this morning to pay my parking ticket and found a spot less than a block away. Excited, I parked in the spot, heard my car beeping and ignored it, got out, and then put my money in the meter. I then turned around and the fact that my car had been making noise at me registered, and  realized I had locked my keys inside the car. At that point I decided there was nothing I could do about it, so I continued on my way into city hall to pay my ticket.

When I got inside, I asked an officer who I should call to get my keys out and a worker happened to be there since apparently I was the second person to do that in a half hours time. So he said to me "we can do it, but it'll be $50"...I must've made some kind of face because he laughed and tried to make me feel better but I was like "Let me go pay this first and then i'll think about it." So I was sent upstairs.

Long story short, I waited upstairs for no reason and they sent me back downstairs to pay my ticket since I wasn't disputing it or anything and as I left the guy was like "Lets go open up your car."

Get down to the block where my car is at and now there's two fire trucks blocking. Anyway, they move, my car gets opened, and the guys don't charge me anything.

After that incident, I went to the post office to mail off an important letter. Realizing I forgot my stamps, I went to the window and said I wanted to mail it and the man there told me it would be $.44. No problem right? I figured in my huge bag or wallet I should have enough change floating around. Nope, after searching I only came up with $.37 so I fished around to give him a dollar bill and instead he took the $.37 and just said they'd get me next time because he didn't feel like making change.

So what did I do after all that?

After only catching the bus because the driver saw me and waited, I sat in the sun before my class to warm my back and think while reading for my classes tomorrow.

My day could've ended up a lot worse than it did. And to top it off, everyone I spoke to today somehow made me smile...even the woman who took my money when I paid my ticket. Actually, today was a lot better than most days normally are.

And I didn't cry like the last time I locked my keys in the car. To me, that in itself was a success.


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