Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fall Berries in Spring

The weather was pretty awkward in the city area for the month of April. For a few days it would be springish but then right following that, it would be winter all over again.

The day I did this look, I figured it would be cold again, because the day before it was winter jacket weather. I was wrong....the weather on this day had a very...Coral or hot pink lipstick feel, but as I was already out and dark lip had to stay.

Actually, I prefer a really dark lip to a really bright one, but I want to try and get out of that...I think I also want to start making better use of my Flash Palette to create some funky colors.

My face is the same as the previous posts...I used my MUFE palette for the blush..I think it's #14 which is kind of a raspberry color.

MUFE Aqua Lip Liner in 13c to fill in my lips
NARS Strawberry Fields on top

My eyes were just assorted brown shadows, Urban Decay ABC Gum as a highlight, Blacktrack fluidline and MUFE kohl in black.

Mascara: Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara


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