Friday, May 3, 2013

Current Status: Phoenix

 Where do I even begin?!

Well, as my profile states...I'm in my "roaring 20s" and sure enough, this year (and the majority of last) has been an absolute whirlwind of experiences, emotions, changes, etc ALREADY.

Yes, the quarter life crisis is REAL and in FULL effect (much to my dismay).

But...I'm deciding that it doesn't have to not be fun...and that this is a good time to learn to "practice happiness"

So of course...I'm going to do it publicly...What other way to go though dynamic (or less than) change than to share trials and tribulations with my fellow wanderers.

Which means, I'm not only reviving my blog, but opening it up to more topics than just makeup. Having such a constricted topic left me grasping in the dark for posts when I wasn't in the mood to do my face or wasn't doing any makeup related event.

This blog will now be my ode to ALL things delightful and of course pretty in my life.

I'll try to mix it up. I do my makeup once in a while...I want to get into cooking/baking, sewing...Spring/Summer is back around, maybe I'll revive my photography. I'm trying to lead a more active I'm on the road to SPARTA (Spartan Race..because a Sprint just wouldn't produce a long enough state of DEATH after lol)...the list is surprisingly long for a quiet person like me.

 I'm looking forward to sharing so....YOROSHIKU NE! (Please take care of me)

Ah~~~It seems it's back to the wilderness for me!


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