Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to school? Bleh.

My least favorite time of year has rolled around pretty quickly. I'm in the process of packing my stuff to move back up to school for what will hopefully be my last semester this weekend. I guess I dislike it so much because I've never been good at fitting a lot of stuff into a small place. My makeup collection falls into that category. Even though I've switched the all of my eyeshadows and lipsticks into palettes, for some reason it seems as though there is STILL too much to fit in the case I normally store it all in..Is that when I have too much? I have an easier time with clothing and books than makeup...

In other news, here's an old FOTD I did some time in July.


Graftobian Warm Sunset Hi-Def Cream Foundation
MAC Superdupernatural blush
Cargo Bronzer in Dark

Stars Makeup Haven: Fifi, Foxy, Ultra Violet
Sugarpill: Goldilux, Bulletproof
Jane Be Pure Mineral Eyeliner Black
Sephora Lashes

MAC Bare Slimshine
Nars Lipgloss in Giza

Not sure if I'll do any new ones until after I move in. We'll see..


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