Wednesday, August 18, 2010

La Femme Blush Swatces

It seems like all i ever do is swatch items, but I've bought so much stuff this summer I feel as though I might as well lol.

So for this time, it will be La Femme blushes that I ordered from Makeup Mania at the end of last month. It took a while for my order to be ready, but i think that is partially because I used the Palette Lab (which they state on the website adds about an extra 5 days) and two of my blushes (Bordeaux and Mocha) weren't in stock and are to be shipped to me at a later date. Once my order shipped though I had it in about 3 days. All of my blushes safely except one (Pink).

The Palettle Lab Blushes come pre-assembled for you.

I poked all my blushes out and rearranged them to the order shown above. I was also going to write their names on the back of their pans but that was already done! Yay for spending an hour looking for a permanent marker for no reason!

The Colors I Bought:
Row 1: Pink Velvet, Stormy Rose, Golden Ruby, Precious Plum, Coral Spice
Row 2: Flamingo Pink, Golden Sunset, Framboesia, Coral, Apricot
Row 3: Peach, Heather, Magenta, Grape, Purple Passion

(Heavy) Swatchess:

Pink Velvet, Flamingo Pink, Peach

Stormy Rose, Golden Sunset, Heather

Precious Plum, Coral, Grape

Golden Ruby, Framboesia, Magenta

Coral Spice, Apricot, Purple Passion

When I swatched them, Framboesia and Purple Passion seemed most likely to be glittery so they, along with Heather, will be hanging out in their own separate palette waiting to be joined with more. Golden Sunset seemed like glitter might be a potential issue as well but I love that color the most out of all of them so I decided it could keep its place. Regardless of the shimmer, I love all the colors I got. The majority of the other ones are either matte or the shimmer didn't appear as noticeable when I swatched them.

Overall, I'm happy. They're all very pigmented, so theres no issue with them showing up or being used up too quickly. Also, the 12 shadows with the palette only cost $35 and the single pans are only $2.50 each so even if some colors had turned out to be a miss, I feel like I can't even be mad about it lol. I would consider collecting the ones I don't own just to check them out eventually.

And...that is all.


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