Thursday, August 5, 2010


Once upon a time, my goal was to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test at level 1. This was a long while ago though when I had just began studying Japanese. Having a goal such as that gave me a little extra push to study more than I had been.

However, since I've gone to college, I haven't really cared about the JLPT. Honestly, studying Japanese for grades made me unsure as to whether or not I wanted to continue Japanese. A part of me thinks that its because at school I do it for the grade, whereas before I had just been doing it for my own pleasure. But, I guess I should've thought about that earlier though being that I only have one class left to finish my Japanese major lol.

Anyhow. I guess it was somewhat spur of the moment, but I signed myself up for the JLPT N2 in this December. The result: I've been freaking out since I hit the button to make it official. Even though the deadline is so far away, I'm worried I won't be prepared.

From now until December this will probably stay in my mind. Anybody else get like that?


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