Saturday, October 16, 2010

Full Face Blues FOTD

For the first time in a while, I did a full face today. I'm sure its been noticed that I am not exactly a foundation wearer. I like the look, I just tend not to do it even if I want to. We're never on the same page...

 Anyhow, blue and purples for the day!

trouble starting...


So what did I use?

Face:Graftobian Foundation in Golden Sunset
Cargo bronzer in Dark
LaFemme Blush in Coral Spice

NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean
Wet n' Wild eyeshadow in Lagoon is surprising the blue on the lid
Stars Makeup Haven Wine Not? eyeshadow
Stars Makeup Haven Dress Blues eyeshadow
Sugarpill Bulletproof eyeshadow
MAC Femme-Fi eyeshadow as a highlight

Wet n' Wild lipliner in Plumberry
Benefit lipstick in Lady's Choice
NARS Ligloss in Giza
I'm actually pleasantly surprised with the Wet n' Wild eyeshadow. It has been a while since I bought one, apparently they've revamped their shadows and now the pigmentation is surprisingly good. I have only recently bought this one shadow though so it's the only one that I can speak for. The base definitely helped, but it did pretty well alone too.

On the other hand, NYX Jumbo Pencils are getting the boot from me. I love them, I really do...but they crease. And I do not love that.
Creases are a BIG no-no.
So, I'm on the hunt for a new base. I'm on the hunt for a lot of things it seems...This is important though. Because as you can see from the picture below, when I looked in the mirror and saw the above, I was NOT amused.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


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